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Guard against uninsured drivers

From fender bender to head-on collision, motor vehicle accidents are inconvenient, frustrating and often deadly. If you are on vacation or traveling in a state you are unfamiliar with, the process is even more complex as you worry about how to get your car fixed and how to get your medical bills paid for.

How can pedestrians protect themselves from dangerous drivers?

An SUV struck a man who was crossing the street by the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino on Saturday night, killing him. On Sunday afternoon, a pedestrian was in critical condition following a crash near Desert Breeze Park. This is clearly a problem in our area that isn't going away-in fact, it seems worse than ever. What can you do to protect yourself when you're on foot, besides looking both ways?

Negligent driver appears to have caused fatal Nevada car crash

There may be wrong-way signs to prevent entering an interstate ramp in the wrong direction; however, an extremely dangerous situation can occur when these signs are not obeyed. Unfortunately, a negligent driver may not happen to see one of these signs, resulting in a tragic outcome. A recent early morning crash in Nevada resulted in the death of two individuals when a driver was traveling in the wrong direction.

The consequences of brain injuries sustained in a car accident

When a Nevada resident suffers a head injury in a car accident, it can have an impact that lasts the rest of his or her life. Even a minor brain injury sustained in a car accident can cause headaches, lead to missed work and require emergency medical treatment. In some cases, victims may not display symptoms of brain injuries until later and fail to reach out for deserved help.

1 weekend, 1 car accident, 1 motorcycle accident, 2 deaths

Two families are in mourning after two people lost their lives on Nevada's highways during one weekend in the latter half of March. Both accidents are currently under investigation. Only time will tell what precisely are the causes of the car accident and the motorcycle accident.

Did an unsafe vehicle condition cause your car accident?

There are many factors that can contribute to a car accident. Victims do not often consider the role that dangerous vehicle conditions may have played in a crash. When a car accident is caused by certain types of vehicle issues, it could be considered negligent maintenance of a vehicle. This includes conditions that should be monitored and repaired by the car owner as opposed to faulty car parts of which the owner was not aware.

More auto accident claims filed over faulty ignition switch

Companies can and should be held accountable when faulty or dangerous car parts place drivers and passengers at risk for auto accidents. This has been underlined by the high-profile legal situation in which GM has found itself after it was revealed that defects in some ignition switches were the causes behind a number of serious and fatal accidents. A victim injured in an ignition-related auto accident or the family of a deceased victim has the right to seek compensation for pain and suffering. This includes any affected Nevada residents.

When should you consider an auto accident claim settlement?

An auto accident has the potential to permanently impact a family and leave a significant financial burden. For those who have been injured or who are mourning the loss of a loved one, a civil claim against the party thought to have been responsible for the accident may be a reasonable course of action. This legal process allows for a Nevada claimant to seek needed financial relief after a traumatic auto accident. 

A drowsy driver is a negligent driver

A negligent driver places others at risk for physical harm. Negligence defines many different types of behavior, including drowsy driving. Through extensive research, industry experts have documented that driving while tired can be extremely dangerous, increasing the risk for a serious car crash. When a negligent driver causes another person harm, that victim does not have to face the aftermath of the accident alone. 

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