Connecting drowsy driving and negligence in a truck accident

It is important for drivers to be mindful at all times. Any type of distracted driving can be quite dangerous.

Driving while fatigued, or drowsy driving, is quite common amongst drivers in general, and especially amongst truck drivers. Unfortunately, such actions have resulted in serious injuries on many occasions. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries stemming from a truck accident, it is important to understand how to build a solid case.

Driving tired

People do not always realize how serious drowsy driving truly is. When an individual is drowsy or fatigued, that person is not at full capacity cognitively. This can result in delayed reactions, which may lead to accidents. Also, should the drowsiness increase, the driver may fall asleep at the wheel. Such instances can be deadly, as was the case when a semi crashed into several vehicles, killing two passengers in the first vehicle it hit. The truck driver later admitted to drowsy driving.


In an accident case, proving negligence is key to creating a solid claim. Even if an accident has catastrophic results, if the accusing party is not able to show negligence, the courts may not find the responsible party fully accountable, if at all. Negligence occurs when a party does not operate with the same amount of care as expected of any party in the same situation. Particularly in the case of a truck accident, the accusing party must be able to show that the truck driver’s actions were not in line with those of a responsible driver. Along with regular driving rules, truck drivers must uphold certain standards, and if a party can show that the driver did not meet those standards, it may aid in the case.

When truck drivers drive while drowsy, they put everyone on the road in danger. For this reason, authorities caution truck drivers against driving while fatigued and require trucking companies to have procedures in place to guard against such driving. However, if a driver is drowsy and causes an accident and the injured party can prove it, it may be possible to seek compensation for the accident.