Poor Security, Unqualified Staff Lead To Nightmare Vegas Trip

Your weeklong trip to Las Vegas had just begun as you looked forward to gambling, food, drinks and time with family and friends. But the enjoyment abruptly ended after a drunken stranger attacked you on casino property.

And while the casino pledged it had the best security measures to protect patrons, it turns out that you were among the people not protected. Something went wrong. Terribly wrong through no fault of your own. It is time to take legal action against the casino.

Injury-related incidents rooted in many causes

Tourists in Las Vegas do not expect to cope with an injury caused by the irresponsibility of a property owner. Such incidents may be caused by a slip and fall, sexual assault, physical assault, robbery and even pool drownings. Poor or nearly non-existent security measures as well as unqualified staff often are behind these incidents that injure patrons in premises liability cases.

Here are some of the problem sources:

  • Poor and unsafe lighting: This fact plays a role in attacks and muggings made by criminals not so easily detected in the dark.
  • Inoperable and poorly maintained security cameras: Without working cameras, staff cannot monitor certain areas.
  • Lack of security: Security staff represent a deterrent to criminals seeking victims. Fewer numbers of security staff mean more opportunities for criminals.
  • Retaining unqualified staff: This pertains not just to security measures, but also to any function of a casino. Wait staff, cooks and maintenance workers may be behind a wet floor that caused a slip-and-fall injury, a food poisoning situation or equipment malfunction leading to injury.
  • Entrances and exits not closely monitored: The result can be many undesirable and suspicious people arriving on site with no encumbrances.

Property management companies and buildings owners understand that it is their responsibility to provide safe and secure facilities for the public.