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Car accidents kill thousands every year across the country

An accident on the road is an event that no person wants to experience. In this life, however, accidents are going to happen. Dangers are abundant for drivers these days as more and more vehicles utilize roadways across Nevada. Tragically, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. According to recent statistics, nearly 3,300 people are killed every day in automobile crashes across the country.

Recently, a crash in Wells claimed the life of one man and injured another. The accident occurred on US 93 during the early evening hours. Reportedly, a Jeep traveling south crossed the centerline of the roadway and sideswiped a northbound pickup truck. The jeep ran off the shoulder of the road and overturned, reports said.

Connecting drowsy driving and negligence in a truck accident

It is important for drivers to be mindful at all times. Any type of distracted driving can be quite dangerous.

Driving while fatigued, or drowsy driving, is quite common amongst drivers in general, and especially amongst truck drivers. Unfortunately, such actions have resulted in serious injuries on many occasions. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries stemming from a truck accident, it is important to understand how to build a solid case. 

Woman files premises liability claim after restroom fall

People often come to the state of Nevada to take advantage of the unique shopping opportunities available here. Las Vegas, in particular, is home to a variety of first-class stores, many of which are not found in other parts of the country. Owners and operators of these businesses often go to great lengths to provide customers with inviting and welcoming atmospheres. Customer safety is a main focus, but sometimes, owners or employees can fail to eliminate potential hazards. Premises liability laws say that owners and operators of stores and other public establishments must provide a safe environment for all those who legally visit. 

A woman in another state claims that a substance on the floor of a store restroom caused her to fall, and she has filed a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the woman was shopping in the store and visited the restroom. In the restroom, the woman encountered a liquid substance on the floor that smelled like bleach, the lawsuit said. Allegedly, the wet floor caused the woman to slip and fall.

Steps for passengers involved in car crashes to take

Las Vegas and other cities around Nevada have taken steps to reduce the car accident rate. 2017 saw 24 fewer people lose their lives on Nevada roadways compared to the previous year. 

While fatalities are tragic, they are rare. Far more people merely sustain injuries following an auto accident. All drivers involved in the collision need to exchange insurance information, but many people are at a loss of what to do when they are only a passenger. It is vital for passengers to be proactive and take certain steps to protect themselves against any future injuries or legal problems. 

Police are making efforts to prevent motorcycle accidents in Reno

Motorcycles are a fun and economical way to explore scenic roadways and city streets across Nevada. The wonderful year-round climate makes Nevada a popular destination for motorcyclists. However, due to the lack of protection, motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious injury or death. An annual motorcycle celebration will be taking place very soon in Reno, and police are urging riders and drivers to be extra careful.

The event, known as Fall Street Vibrations, is very popular among the motorcycling community. Hundreds of motorcycles will be descending upon Reno to celebrate. In advance, the Nevada Highway Patrol is making safety preparations and launching awareness campaigns in hopes to keep the event accident free. According to the NHP, motorcycles are involved in one out of very six fatal accidents.

In Las Vegas, car wrecks can quickly ruin a vacation

Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the world for tourists and sightseers. Thousands of people visit this wonderful Nevada city every year to enjoy the wonderful attractions and abundant entertainment available here. As visitors and residents alike enjoy their time in the city, car wrecks are the furthest thing from their minds However, crashes are a leading cause of death and injury in the state of Nevada.

A recent automobile accident in Las Vegas claimed the life of a man. The incident happened around 5 p.m. at the intersection of North Grand Canyon Drive and Gilcrease Avenue. Police said a white Pontiac was attempting to make a left turn and pulled into the path of a Campagna three-wheel vehicle that was traveling south on Grand Canyon Drive.

Drivers need to remain focused to prevent pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians are literally everywhere in Nevada cities. Many people choose to travel on foot to avoid congested city streets and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This could be a contributing factor in the increased numbers of pedestrian accidents across the state. Naturally, there will be greater numbers of pedestrians around things such as colleges or popular attractions so drivers should always use extreme caution when traveling close to these areas.

A recent pedestrian accident in Reno near the University of Nevada resulted in critical injuries to a pedestrian. The accident occurred around 6:30 p.m. on Sixth Street. Reno police say a Jeep SUV was traveling west on Sixth Street and struck a pedestrian who was attempting to cross the road. According to accident reports, the pedestrian was in a marked crosswalk at the time of the collision.

Nevada Highway Patrol rolls out campaign to reduce car accidents

As the old saying goes, getting there is half the fun. With an abundance of scenic roadways, this is especially true in the state of Nevada. Taking a drive through Nevada's vast, expansive landscapes is an activity enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike. However, recent population growth has caused roadways to become crowded and dangerous. On Interstate 80, which stretches 410 miles across the northern part of the state, the Nevada Highway Patrol recently launched a safety campaign called the "I-80 Initiative," which they hope will reduce car accidents along this popular roadway.

During a recent weekend, a motorist was killed in a wrong-way accident on Interstate 80. According to accident reports, a driver was traveling westbound in the eastbound lane and caused a violent collision. The crash claimed the life of one person and shut down the eastbound lanes of the roadway for almost five hours.

Common vacation accidents in Las Vegas

When you are on vacation in Las Vegas, you expect to have the time of your life. You may want to have some fun at parties with friends, enjoy a convention or win some money at the casino. The last thing you expect to happen is getting an injury on your trip

Despite the fact that you want to be stress-free while you travel, accidents can occur. Here are some ways you can sustain injuries during your Las Vegas vacation. 

Awareness is key in preventing motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles have a reputation of being one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. Nevada boasts a wonderful climate and has no shortage of scenic roadways, making this a great state for bikers. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents have been increasing across the state in recent years. Accidents involving motorcycles have a higher fatality rate, since those who travel by motorcycle are minimally protected.

A recent accident in Las Vegas left a motorcyclist fighting for his life. Reportedly, the man hopped on his motorcycle to make a quick trip to the store. Reports say he was struck by a car at a nearby intersection. According to police, the car that struck the biker ran a stoplight.

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