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Two big mistakes many car owners make

Ask car owners what the biggest mistake they have made is, and you are likely to get a variety of responses. Some may go something like, "I bought a boring used car when I should have splurged on something my heart wanted," or "I did not think ahead enough and got a car that is too small to fit all of my kids."

For sure, mistakes come in all shapes and sizes, some more obvious than others. In fact, there are two mistakes that many car owners make year after year. In the best cases, they never realize they have made them. All too often, though, they realize their mistakes at the worst of times.

Pedestrian accidents may increase during the holidays

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, more and more people will be present along Nevada city streets as they visit stores and shops in search of gifts for family and friends. This increase in foot traffic can mean an increased risk for pedestrian accidents. Low light conditions typical of this time of year can also contribute to accidents since pedestrians may be harder for motorists to see. Tragically, accidents involving pedestrians can quickly turn fatal since pedestrians are totally exposed and unprotected.

Recently, a pedestrian was killed in an accident in Sparks. Reports indicate that the pedestrian was attempting to cross a street with a shopping cart. Police say the 58-year-old man was struck by a Ford Focus that was traveling south in the right lane of the roadway.

Alleged fall on stairs results in premises liability claim

The holidays are a time when shoppers around the country flock to malls and stores in search of that perfect gift for their friends and family. One fact of life that can get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season is that accidents are going to happen. Some accidents are impossible to anticipate and are unavoidable. However, a lot of accidents can be prevented by taking a few simple precautions such as removing hazards or fixing property that has fallen under disrepair. In the state of Nevada, those who suffer injuries due to hazardous conditions while lawfully visiting a property may have grounds to file a premises liability lawsuit.

A woman in another state says she suffered injuries from a fall on a set of stairs. She has filed a lawsuit against the property owners. The plaintiff is a tenant in an apartment complex and claims that a set of faulty stairs caused her to fall. The fall resulted in multiple injuries, according to the claim.

Fatal pedestrian accidents in Nevada could reach record highs

Going for a walk or run near crowded city streets can be a dangerous activity. Roadways are becoming more congested as populations increase in Nevada cities. This means there is a greater risk for accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians. Despite laws and needed improvements in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure throughout the state, pedestrian accidents are on the rise.

According to recent data, 2017 will most likely be the deadliest year on record for pedestrians and bicyclists. Data released at the end of the month by Nevada's Office of Traffic Safety says that there have been 59 pedestrian deaths so far this year. This number was up from 41 deaths at the same point in 2016.

Economic growth could mean more trucking accidents

The national economy is continuing to grow, and with this growth comes the need to transport products and merchandise. Businesses in Nevada and across the United States rely on trucks to import and export goods on a daily basis. As the economy grows, so does the number of semi-trucks on roadways across the nation. Due to the size of tractor-trailers, any accident involving these rigs is more likely to be damaging and result in serious injuries. According to recent statistics, fatal trucking accidents occur almost 11 times a day.

A recent accident involving two semi-trucks resulted in serious injuries to both drivers. The accident occurred during the early morning hours on Interstate 15 near Mesquite. Reports indicate that traffic had stopped on the interstate due to a prior accident. Witnesses say one semi was stopped behind numerous vehicles when it was struck from behind by another semi that was unable to stop.

Premises liability suit filed after man allegedly falls on steps

Safety codes and regulations have been established in the state of Nevada to protect those that are lawfully visiting local and state-owned property. Just like businesses and other public places, property owned by local governments must be properly maintained and adhere to safety regulations. Unfortunately, negligent maintenance or mistakes made during construction of establishments may present hazards that can cause injuries to visitors. When hazards or negligence cause injuries to those legally on the property, a premises liability claim may be pursued.

A man was allegedly injured while visiting a property owned by a city in another state, and he has filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that the man was walking down a set of concrete steps when he tripped and fell. Allegedly, while falling, the man reached for the handrail only to have the handrail break free.

3 tips for driving safely during the NFR

As a Las Vegas native, you know that the National Finals Rodeo is here every year. As it approaches this year, you are probably dreading the uptick in traffic. When the NFR gets into full swing, the streets get full of more cars and the sidewalks packed with more pedestrians than usual. 

When you are simply trying to commute to work or get around the city, you will likely encounter a lot more vehicles and people for the first two weeks in December. Some of the out-of-town drivers may even be drunk. Here are some ways you can prepare for the traffic and tips for driving in it. 

Pedestrian accidents involving bicyclists continute to climb

In crowded Nevada cities these days, walking and biking are great sources of transportation. By walking and biking, commuters can save money and avoid congested roadways. This means of traveling is not only economical, but also healthy and a great way to stay in shape. Running and biking have become popular forms of recreation as healthier lifestyle choices have become a trend in recent years. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are on the rise, so exercising along crowded roadways these days can be very dangerous.

A fatal accident involving bicyclists in Henderson is an example of the dangers that abound along city streets. The accident occurred on a recent Saturday morning near the popular Inspirada community in Henderson. Three cyclists were out for an early morning ride over the weekend when they were clipped by the driver of a Ford Escape.

Risks facing commuters in the Las Vegas area

Depending on your preferences and personality, your daily commute could be something you look forward to or something you dread. No matter the situation, though, there are certain risks you face, and this is especially true in states such as Nevada. In fact, numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration show death rates are unusually high for Nevada drivers and pedestrians. (The numbers are better for passengers.) So, if you spend a lot of time in your car, here are some things to think about:

Are you drowsy?

Man files premises liability lawsuit after alleged fall

The great state of Nevada is home to a wide range of shopping outlets and malls that attract multitudes of tourists each year. Premises liability laws impose on the owners of these establishments a responsibility to keep their stores safe for patrons and visitors. Although not always expected or predictable, accidents are going to happen. Some accidents can be unavoidable and almost impossible to anticipate and expect. However, there are a lot of accidents that can be prevented by taking the necessary precautions.

A man in another state claims suffered injury due to a fall he experienced in a grocery store. He has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the store. The lawsuit alleges that the man was shopping at the store and encountered hazardous conditions at the entrance/exit of the store. Allegedly, the man fell due to the hazards.

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