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Road rage contributes to a high percentage of car accidents

As traffic increases, reckless driving and road rage are becoming very real and present dangers on roadways across Nevada. Driving can certainly be a difficult task on today's congested roads and often brings about stress and anxiety. It is not uncommon for drivers to make mistakes, as some drivers may not be as experienced as others. Reckless drivers are also becoming more and more of an issue, often contributing to car accidents. How a person reacts behind the wheel to inexperienced or reckless drivers can be the difference in arriving safely to a destination or becoming the next headline.

A man in Reno was recently arrested after a bout of road rage ended in a crash. Reports say the incident began on Interstate 580. According to police, an SUV was pursuing another vehicle when it ran a red light and collided with a car. The impact caused the car to roll onto its side.

Car accidents: Driver injured, another killed in Vegas crash

These days, it is becoming more and more dangerous to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in the state of Nevada. Just going for a short drive can result in an accident that could have far-reaching impacts. Due to the increasing numbers of vehicles sharing roadways across the state, car accidents are on the rise. Most accidents prove to be nothing more than minor inconveniences. However, some accidents can be deadly.

A recent accident in Las Vegas claimed the life of one driver and injured another. The accident occurred during the overnight hours at a heavily-used intersection. Reports say a Nissan Altima was stopped at the intersection at a red light when an SUV tried to pass the Altima in the right turn lane. Las Vegas police say the SUV was speeding while attempting to pass the Altima and crashed into the rear passenger side of the car.

Motorcycle accidents: Biker's leg amputated after Las Vegas crash

A wonderful climate and scenic roadways make Nevada a great state for motorcyclists. Nevada offers an abundance of wide open spaces that can be joyously explored behind the handle bars of a motorcycle. Nevada also hosts many prosperous cities with a steadily increasing population. Navigating congested city streets with a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous, as evidenced by the continued rise of motorcycle accidents.

A recent hit-and-run motorcycle accident in Las Vegas resulted in a motorcyclist losing his leg. A surveillance camera captured footage of the accident. In the video, a pickup truck pulls out in front of the motorcyclist and runs into the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was thrown to the ground while the pickup truck fled the scene, reports say.

How safe is it to ride a bicycle in Las Vegas?

When most people think of Las Vegas, they likely imagine the bright lights and constant traffic flowing down the city's world-renowned Las Vegas Strip, which does not seem a likely destination for cyclists. However, the tourist center is not the only place that makes up Las Vegas, and the city is making efforts to encourage residents to ride their bikes more.

Although Las Vegas is not known as a bike town, the trend is picking up some speed. As a result, it is important to understand how safe it is to ride a bicycle in Las Vegas, as well as what to do in the unfortunate event that you are involved in a bicycle accident, especially if you are hit by a car.

Drunk driver accidents: Driver arrested in 6-car Las Vegas crash

One of the most reckless and dangerous things that a person can do is drive while intoxicated. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol causes thousands of deadly accidents each year in Nevada and across the country. Unfortunately, drunk driver accidents seem to be increasing. A recent crash in Las Vegas left one person dead and three others injured.

The accident occurred during the overnight hours near the intersection of Warm Springs Road and Las Vegas Boulevard. Accident reports say a Mercedes was traveling westbound on Warm Springs Road and hit the rear of a Lexus. In an attempt to flee the scene, the driver of the Mercedes apparently drove into a nearby mall parking lot and back out onto Warm Springs Road, witness say. According to reports, the driver of the Mercedes then ran a red light at the intersection and crashed into a Chevy Malibu.

Auto-pedestrian accidents: Las Vegas man dies after being struck

As cities throughout Nevada become more and more crowded, pedestrians and motorists need to be extra cautious and always pay attention to their surroundings. Unfortunately, distracted or impaired drivers in such close proximity to pedestrians means auto\-pedestrian accidents become almost inevitable. These types of accidents frequently result in very serious injuries or death, since those traveling on foot are completely exposed.

An accident that recently occurred in Las Vegas claimed the life of a pedestrian. Authorities say a pedestrian was attempting to cross West Charleston Boulevard around 9:30 p.m. According to reports, the pedestrian was struck by the left-front of a Ford Van as he was crossing the road.

Motorcycle accidents: Las Vegas motorcyclist critically injured

Since motorcycles can be more difficult to notice than other vehicles, motorists should always be cautious and on the lookout for them when traveling or commuting. As the warmer months quickly approach in Nevada, motorcyclists will be taking to roadways across the state to enjoy warmer temperatures. This is the time of year when motorcycle accidents happen most often.

A recent Las Vegas accident ended in a motorcyclist suffering very serious injuries. The biker was traveling west on Charleston Boulevard in Las Vegas during the late afternoon hours. Reports say a motorist was traveling the opposite direction, attempted to make a left turn onto Linn Lane and struck the motorcyclist.

Are free casino drinks on the way out?

If you live in Nevada, particularly in Las Vegas, you know that one of the most under-reported stories is the number of times a drunk driver causes a car crash or hits a pedestrian. One can only speculate as to how many of those drunk drivers got that way drinking free booze at one of the many casinos. That source of alcohol, however, may be drying up.

MGM Resorts International (MGM Grand and the Mirage) and Caesars Entertainment (Caesar’s Palace and eight other casinos) both started experimenting with limited drink policies in 2016. The policies have nothing to do with public safety, however, just the cost of doing business.

Car wrecks: 3 seriously injured while assisting disabled vehicle

Its no secret that Nevada roadways are becoming more and more crowded, especially in cities like Las Vegas and Reno. People are flocking to Nevada cities to take advantage of the abundance of unique opportunities that abound here. A sudden influx of traffic can be the fuel to spark a seemingly unending cycle of car wrecks in any city. In Reno, a recent crash resulted in several injuries and a woman facing charges.

The accident involved three vehicles and occurred at night near a popular Reno intersection. According to reports, a Jeep Cherokee had broken down and was pulled to the side of the road just past the intersection. Reports say a second vehicle had arrived on the scene to provide assistance regarding the disabled Jeep.

3 insurance concerns after an accident

Insurance companies play a starring role in the aftermath of most car accidents, but they are not always as helpful as you may expect or hope. There are different types of insurance concerns that can surface following a car, truck or motorcycle crash.

Here are three common concerns that you may face following an accident, and tips and information on how to proceed.

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