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Drunk driver accidents are still a concern despite progress

In recent years, law enforcement agencies in the state of Nevada and across the United States have taken measures to combat the problem of drunk driving. Fortunately, their efforts have not been in vain. Since 1982, drunk driving deaths on roadways in America have decreased by 48%. Despite this progress, people still choose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Tragically, drunk driver accidents often end in very serious injury or death.

A recent crash in Reno left one motorist with serious injuries and another facing serious charges. The accident happened on Pyramid Highway near the intersection of Robert Banks Boulevard. According to reports, an SUV was stopped in the left travel lane as a pickup truck approached. Reports said the pickup truck slammed into the SUV and fled the scene.

Car accidents: violent interstate crash claims a life

Everyone knows that roadways in Las Vegas and across Nevada are incredibly dangerous. In Las Vegas especially, it seems that streets are congested nearly 24 hours a day. Crashes are increasing every year due to a number of reasons. These days, it's not a matter of if car accidents will happen, but when.

A recent fatal crash shut down Interstate 11 near Las Vegas for hours. According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, the driver of a U-Haul was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of the roadway. Reports said, just after 3 a.m., the U-Haul violently collided head-on with a tractor-trailer.

How to talk to your insurance company after a car crash

Car accidents occur throughout Nevada at disturbing frequencies. In 2017 alone, over 22,000 car accidents occurred where someone sustained a serious injury. An additional 30,000 accidents happened that only resulted in property damage. 

There is much to do following a car accident. You need to exchange contact information with the other drivers involved and see a doctor to get any injuries evaluated promptly. You also need to notify your insurance agency of the collision to begin the claims process. It is vital to remember your auto insurance company looks for any reason to limit your claim, so you need to be careful of what you say during this initial phone call. 

Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrian killed by tractor-trailer

Virtually every Nevada resident is a pedestrian at some point during the day. Pedestrians are unprotected and totally exposed, so pedestrian accidents are more likely to be fatal. When walkers are struck by extremely large vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, the chances of survival are slim. Recently, I-15 in Las Vegas was shut down after a tractor-trailer ran over and killed a pedestrian.

The accident happened at night in the northbound lanes of Interstate 15 at St. Rose Parkway just north of the Sloan exit. According to reports, a pedestrian parked his vehicle on the shoulder of the interstate and began walking along the right side of the roadway. Reports said the pedestrian was then struck by a northbound tractor-trailer.

New Nevada law may help reduce drunk driver accidents

Unfortunately, driving under the influence of alcohol is a problem that continues to plague the state of Nevada. Statistics say that almost 30 people die every day in the United States at the hands of a drunk driver, or about one person every 48 minutes. Although significant progress has been made to combat this problem, drunk driver accidents still happen at an alarming rate.

In Nevada, almost half of all deadly crashes are the result of an impaired driver. To keep motorists safe, lawmakers in Nevada have proposed a bill that would make for harsher penalties for drunk drivers. Under the new bill, jail time for a first-time DUI offender would be bumped from two days to 30 days. Jail time for a second offense would increase from 10 days to six months.

Car accidents: Never take cash afterward

Car crashes occur every day around Las Vegas. On March 20th, a three-vehicle crash occurred that sent one person to the hospital. There are several steps to take after a car accident of any severity, and one of the things you never want to do is accept cash from another driver. 

After a collision, you may feel relatively fine. However, there could be symptoms lurking underneath the surface. The other driver may offer you money to ignore the crash and not involve the police. It can seem tempting initially, but you always want to go through the proper channels. The insurance process may be long, but it is worth it in the end. 

Bicycle accidents: Young boy injured by hit-and-run driver

Cycling is not only a popular form of recreation in Nevada, but also an economical form of transportation. Especially in crowded cities such as Las Vegas, traveling by bicycle is very convenient, good for the environment and a great way to stay in shape. The wonderful climate here makes for great riding conditions year-round. However, as roads have become more and more crowded in recent years, bicycle accidents have become a big concern. Unfortunately, these type of accidents often result in serious injury or death.

Recently, an alleged hit-and-run driver struck and injured a young boy who was riding a bicycle. The accident happened at The Vistas Park in Summerlin. According to reports, the 8-year-old boy was sitting on his bike at a stop sign, waiting to cross the road when a white pickup truck blew through the stop sign.

Car accidents: Fatal crash leaves a man facing serious charges

Few things in life are more frustrating than experiencing an automobile accident. However, when an act of negligence causes a serious or fatal accident, the experience can be absolutely devastating and have far-reaching impacts on families. In Nevada, fatal car accidents seem to be happening more frequently these days.

A recent fatal crash in Boulder City left one driver facing serious charges. The crash happened during the morning hours on Veterans Memorial Parkway. According to reports, a pickup truck was attempting to cross the parkway in order to get to the center turn lane to make a left turn onto U.S. 93. Reportedly, the pickup truck was struck on the left front side by a sedan that was traveling at high speeds.

Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrian in Reno struck and killed

In Nevada cities, many people choose walking as a main source of transportation. Walking and jogging are also very popular forms of exercise and recreation these days, and, on most days, it is not uncommon to see large numbers of walkers and runners enjoying the abundant sunshine and comfortable temperatures found here. There is no shortage of pedestrians in Nevada today. Unfortunately, any time vehicles and pedestrians are in close proximity, pedestrian accidents will happen.

Recently in Reno, a man was killed when he was struck by a vehicle as he was walking along a well-traveled roadway. The accident happened at night on Kietzke Lane near Vassar Street. According to reports, the pedestrian was walking along the road when he was suddenly struck by a northbound vehicle.

How long trucker commutes endanger motorists

It is all but impossible to avoid commercial trucks when traveling roadways across Las Vegas and Nevada, but for many motorists, sharing the road with these heavy, oversize vehicles can be an anxiety-inducing experience. While traveling alongside semi-trucks can prove dangerous under the best possible circumstances, truckers who abuse drugs or alcohol, or fail to get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel pose even more of a threat to motorists.

While trucker substance abuse and similar issues have long threatened the safety of others on the roadway, TruckingInfo.com reports that something else may be making today’s truck drivers even more substantial highway hazards: long commutes. Just how are long truck driver commutes threatening other drivers on Nevada's, and the rest of the nation’s, roads?

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