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Trucking accidents involving pedestrians are likely to be fatal

The United States economy is currently trending up and the state of Nevada is following suit. A flourishing economy leads to a greater need to transport goods across the country. Due to this, there are more semitrailers on the road than ever before. These huge rigs share roadways that are already crowded with other vehicles, which has led to an increase in trucking accidents in recent years. Since pedestrians are commonplace along roadways in most Nevada cities, the chance for accidents involving pedestrians and tractor-trailers is always present.

Recently in North Las Vegas, an accident involving a semitrailer and a pedestrian resulted in a fatality. The accident happened during the early morning hours. Police say they responded to calls about a man down in a roadway near an Interstate 15 on-ramp. Reports say the man was pronounced dead on the scene.

What if you are injured in a rental car in Las Vegas?

Car accidents are unfortunately a risk every time you get behind the wheel. When you are on vacation, however, the risk of a vehicle accident is likely the last thing on your mind.

If you rented a car for your Las Vegas vacation and then suffered an injury in a car accident, you should understand your rights and responsibilities and how you might proceed in seeking compensation for your injuries.

Driving while intoxicated can lead to deadly car accidents

Unfortunately, it seems more and more Nevada drivers these days are irresponsible and unfocused. Driving while under the influence of alcohol can not only result in serious car accidents but can also put offenders behind bars for a very long time. A Reno man was recently sentenced to 40 years in prison for driving drunk and killing two passengers and another driver in a crash. 

The man was driving a pickup truck with three passengers and crashed at an intersection in Sparks. Police reports say that the man sped through a stop sign at the intersection and crashed into a small passenger car. A surviving passenger later told police that his friend that died in the crash asked the driver to pull over and let him out of the vehicle, but the driver became angry, sped through the intersection and crashed.

Steps if you think your Uber driver is under the influence

Many people rely on ridesharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, to get around town. While most Uber drivers are perfectly professional, there are some horror stories out there of some less than reliable drivers.

This begs the question: What do you do if you suspect your Uber driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while you are in the car?

Some car accidents have fatal consequences

One of the few guarantees in life is that accidents are going to happen. Some accidents are minor, and nothing more than mild inconveniences. However, some accidents can have life-altering consequences. Nevada residents and visitors are at risk for car accidents as they navigate increasingly crowded and congested roadways across the state. A tragic accident in Las Vegas recently claimed the lives of a newly engaged couple.

The accident occurred during the afternoon hours near a popular Las Vegas intersection. According to reports, a black Toyota Corolla was T-boned by a white Chrysler. Police say the driver of the Chrysler was traveling at a high rate of speed.

Nevada travelers must be careful to avoid trucking accidents

Travelers and commuters making their way across the state of Nevada often utilize interstate highways, which offer the convenience of faster travel with less stop-and-go traffic. However, travelers share these popular roadways with an increasing number of semitrailers that are making their way across the country. As the economy grows, so does the need to transport goods and merchandise. This equates to more and more big rigs criss-crossing the country, which can lead to trucking accidents.

A recent accident involving several vehicles and two semitrailers on Interstate 80 in the Carlin Tunnel resulted in multiple injuries. According to authorities, water had frozen on the road inside the tunnel, which caused two SUVs to lose traction and collide. Reports say a semitrailer was following the SUVs and slowed down, causing a second semi to swerve in an attempt to avoid a collision. In a chain reaction type crash, the second semi hit the first truck, which caused the truck to hit one of the SUVs, reports say.

Pedestrian accidents are increasing across Nevada

A reason why Nevada cities are in the midst of a population boom is the warm, comfortable climate. Even during the colder months, the warm climate in Nevada enables residents to enjoy a host of outdoor activities such as walking, running or biking. Those that live in and around cities often choose walking as a primary source of transportation. Walking is not only economical, but has many health benefits. Unfortunately, walking along congested city streets can also be very dangerous as pedestrian accidents are rising across the state.

A recent accident in Las Vegas resulted in the death of a pedestrian. The accident occurred during the morning hours along a well-traveled roadway. Reports say a van was traveling north when it unexpectedly left the roadway and went onto the sidewalk.

Odds for fatal car accidents are steadily increasing in Nevada

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle these days does not come without risk. There are around two million licensed drivers in the state of Nevada, which means roadways are more crowded than ever before. Car accidents will inevitably happen with so many vehicles sharing the road. Tragically, a shocking number of these accidents prove to be fatal. Recent statistics say the odds of person being involved in a fatal car crash in Nevada is 1 in 4,947, which is higher than most states.

A recent crash in Churchill County, Nevada, along US 95 left a woman dead. Authorities say the accident may have been caused by unsafe passing. According to investigation reports, the driver of a northbound Chevrolet Malibu made an attempt to pass a semi-truck. While attempting the pass, the Malibu entered the southbound lane and collided head-on with a PT Cruiser, striking the left-front of the vehicle.

Who is liable if you are in a ridesharing accident?

The tourism industry in Nevada has contributed a great deal toward taxis and ridesharing services in the area. Whether you have had a little too much to drink while gambling or decided you feel too tired to walk the rest of the way to your hotel while touring the Strip, chances are you might pull out your phone and summon an Uber or Lyft driver. What happens if you are in a crash when you are with a commercial driver?

The answer largely depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Was your Uber driver at fault, or did someone else cause the crash? Were you a passenger or a pedestrian? If you were walking, did the ridesharing operator have a passenger in his or her car?

Car accidents can happen at any time

Life is uncertain and accidents can happen any place at any time. These days, drivers must be focused and attentive at all times. Roadways in Nevada and across the United States are becoming increasingly crowded and filled with distracted and reckless drivers. Car accidents are happening more frequently and can have deadly consequences.

A recent crash in Las Vegas resulted in the death of two people. Authorities say the crash may be the result of street racing. According to reports, the accident happened during the nighttime hours on Sahara Avenue. An Acura Integra was speeding and possibly racing another vehicle, authorities say. Apparently, the driver of the Acura lost control and crossed lanes into oncoming traffic.

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