Who Is Liable For My Rideshare Injuries?

For a long time, a car accident was just between the at-fault driver and the victim. With the explosive increase in rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber, accidents are becoming more complicated. How can you tell who is liable when your rideshare driver gets into an accident?

Rideshares have led to an increase in fatal accidents, making it more important than ever to understand who is liable in an accident involving multiple parties. The first step to determining liability is recognizing the potentially responsible parties.

Who is involved?

There are more parties involved in a rideshare accident than just the drivers. Passengers in a rideshare vehicle may have become unruly, which led to a rideshare accident. A driver of a rideshare service only becomes one with the employer’s permission, which may tie the employer to the accident as well.

Who is liable?

If a rideshare driver is liable for the accident you were a victim of, liability will typically fall onto either the driver or their employer. If the employer knew about or failed to identify any prior issues the driver may have, like a medical problem that could lead to risks while driving, they may be liable for hiring a potentially dangerous driver.

Do not leave your claim to chance

If you file a claim for your injuries against the wrong party, you may not receive the compensation you need to recover when you need it. A personal injury attorney can help determine who is liable and help you pursue justice swiftly and efficiently.