Avoid These Common Driving Distractions

The more experience someone has behind the wheel, the more comfortable they become while driving. While this comfort can benefit drivers, it can also cause them to fall into a false sense of confidence. Overconfidence can cause a driver to make simple mistakes, like distracting themselves on the road.

Road traffic has seen an increase recently, and as a result, so has distracted driving accidents. There are things that drivers may do without even realizing it is distracting them, so here are some reminders as to what to avoid while driving.

Eating or drinking

Reaching for food from a bag, tilting your head back to drink, or cleaning some ketchup off your shirt can pull your attention from the road just long enough to cause an accident. If you need to eat on the road, take a few minutes to relax in the fast-food parking lot and enjoy your meal.

Fixing your appearance

Touching up your hair or tie, or fixing makeup may seem like a quick correction on the road, but it is hardly worth it. At 60 miles per hour, a few seconds of not looking at the road is the same as driving hundreds of yards with your eyes closed. Driving blind for the length of several football fields blindfolded is incredibly dangerous, so why do it to yourself?

Using a cellphone

The cellphone has become so prevalent in our lives that many people do not even think about the cost of using them on the road. When a cell phone offers conveniences of hands-free calling, GPS navigation, and quick access to information across the planet, it becomes easy to forget that using a cell phone while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk.

Focus on the road

Cell phones, eating, and how you look to others can all wait. Do not prioritize minor needs over the lives of yourself and others. It only takes a moment to cause an accident with lifelong consequences, so make sure you keep your attention on the road.