Dog Attacks, Owner Awareness, And Animal Behaviour Classifications

When a dog attacks a human or another animal in Nevada, its owner may face liability if he or she already knew of the pet’s aggressive behavior. Because of reporting requirements, a previously recorded attack indicates an owner’s awareness.

If a dog does not have a known history or behavior classification, a plaintiff who suffered a bite may need to prove negligence or carelessness to win a personal injury legal action against its owner.

A dog’s classification can make a difference

The law requires owners to leash their pets when taking them out in public. Dogs classified as dangerous or vicious, however, may require permanent restraint by keeping them housed within their owner’s property. Animal control agencies typically consider a dog dangerous when it has had two separate attempts of biting or causing harm.

As reported by 8NewsNow Las Vegas, a dog counts as vicious after causing severe injury or death to a human or another animal. Its owner may not only incur civil liability; he or she may also face criminal charges over the dog’s actions. An owner may also need to file and win an appeal to prevent mandatory euthanasia for a dog classified as vicious.

An ordinary unleashed dog could go on the attack

Dogs sometimes escape a leash or property confinement. When walking pets, some owners also allow their dogs to run unleashed a short distance. If someone startles an unleashed dog, it may bite. Anyone who a dog bites should seek medical attention because animal saliva contains bacteria that could cause infection. A serious animal attack could also lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

All dog owners may face liabilities

Because owners have a duty to leash a dog in public, bite victims may hold an individual liable for injuries even if the dog has never attacked before. To prove an owner’s failure to restrain a dog, however, the plaintiff may need to show that the owner let the animal off its leash or left a door open. When an unprovoked attack causes harm, legal action may recover compensation for medical treatment, corrective surgery and lost wages.