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When an insurer improperly delays or denies payment, it can put excess financial and emotional strain on you and your family. When trying to get the payment you are entitled to from a massive, faceless insurance carrier, it can seem like your efforts are going nowhere. At Ralph Schwartz, we have stepped into situations involving improper acts by insurance companies, and have helped our clients obtain the payments they deserve and compensation for the additional damages they suffered.

We bring insurance bad faith cases — lawsuits that seek compensation from insurance carriers engaging in prohibited conduct such as improperly denying claims — against insurance companies of all sizes. We use our decades of trial experience in personal injury matters to craft powerful, detail-laden cases that accurately document when these companies fail to fulfill their duty to insured people. We give clients in these situations direct access to Ralph Schwartz and a legal assistant.

Mr. Schwartz’s background in the insurance defense industry gives him additional insight into the tactics used by insurance carriers. Today, he uses this knowledge to the benefit of all our injured clients.

Insurance Bad Faith Law In Nevada

Nevada statutes specifically list a wide range of activities that describe unfair practices and actions that can lead to insurance bad faith lawsuits against insurance carriers. Some of these improper actions include insurance companies:

  • Misrepresenting facts of insurance policies
  • Failing to acknowledge and act promptly in regard to claims
  • Failing to make prompt and fair settlements when an insurance company’s liability has been made reasonably clear
  • Offering unreasonably low payment and requiring insured persons or entities to engage in litigation to recover amounts due to them
  • Advising someone not to seek legal counsel
  • Misleading someone about the applicable statute of limitations affecting his or her claim

These examples are just a sample of the many actions that are specifically called out by Nevada insurance law. It is vital to seek the counsel of our legal team to ensure that all possible theories that may be present in your bad faith claim are adequately assessed.

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