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Third-party work accidents are those that occur on your work site or as a part of your work duties, but are caused by someone outside of your organization — such as a customer, supplier, vendor or even another driver on the road. These accidents are unique in that they allow you to secure workers’ compensation from your employer, but you are also often eligible to file a concurring personal injury lawsuit against the person who caused the accident.

Examples of Third Party Work Accidents

Accidents can occur at any time. Third-party claims are reserved for those accidents that just happen to occur while you are working — making you eligible for both workers’ compensation and a personal injury recovery. These accidents can include instances such as:

  • Auto accidents that occur as a part of your work duties
  • Assault or another injury caused by a customer, vendor, supplier or contractor who works for another employer
  • Defective products that cause serious injuries to occur on the job or while performing work duties
  • Negligence on behalf of a property owner for dangerous property conditions, in instances where the employer is leasing the property
  • Dangerous property conditions or animal attacks that occur on another property while you are off-site or performing work duties

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