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The thousands of casinos, bars and nightclubs in Las Vegas are known throughout the country as popular places for people to unwind and enjoy themselves. All too often, however, someone takes things too far and starts a fight that leaves another person battered, bloody and unsure of what legal options he or she may have.

At Ralph Schwartz, we help those who have been the victims of assault, battery and other intentional torts recover compensation for their injuries from all liable parties. In many situations, this includes the casino or other establishment where the fight occurred. We are not intimidated by casinos and their large legal teams, or by the insurance carriers who attempt to deflect liability from negligent establishments.

All of our clients work directly with Las Vegas intentional tort attorney Ralph Schwartz and a legal assistant. Since founding our firm, Mr. Schwartz has obtained numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of our injured clients. He draws on his decades of experience as a trial attorney to create strong cases designed to get our clients the compensation they need to pay for their medical bills, lost wages, ongoing care needs and all other damages.

Assaults caused by Negligent Security & Supervision

Negligent security and supervision by a casino or nightclub can make it liable to injured parties under the law of Nevada. The most common incidents that lead to claims against these establishments include:

  • Assaults by casino or nightclub employees
  • Assaults by fellow patrons that were not stopped by security personnel once they started
  • Assaults that could have been prevented, but occurred anyway because security personnel did not take appropriate preventative actions (such as stepping into an altercation before it escalated)

There are many factors that need to be assessed in these and other intentional tort cases, including the severity of the injuries, whether the attack was pre-planned and what steps casinos and other establishments took to deter such attacks. We know how to conduct piercing investigations that account for these and all other relevant factors in an assault case. We then compile the evidence to build a powerful case designed to maximize the compensation you receive from the parties responsible for your injuries.

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